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Refit 2

Date: 8-23/8 2010
(all pictures are clickable)

This was an unexpected stop... During a final approach manoeuver to get to the fuel station in La Manga, I lost the transmission to my propeller and it made an awful noise !
It was a Sunday and I was taken to a yard (varadero in Spanish) at the opposite side. On Monday at the first hour a mechanic took a look. The boat was hauled out of the water and the parts were dismounted. The pictures will tell enough...

How it was (from above). Engine to the right, propeller to the left. The rust is impressive, but mostly exterior. There is an intermediate part. Disassembled The faulty one ! He lost ALL his teeth... No wonder it made an awful noise !

I took the opportunity, while waiting for new parts, to have the engine checked. The engine was taken out and found in a very good shape for being 10 years old. I cleaned the space under the engine, which is normally unaccessible...
Nearly new... ;-) Originally After cleaning and a new bilge paint layer

There was also some damage on the rudder which I repaired (fiberglass and epoxy-filler).
the damage detail After repair

Finally the new propeller shaft arrived and was installed. I also ordered a new propeller because the old one was worn and not adapted to the engine and boat... It probably was the one installed before they (2 owners before) changed the engine.
the new installation, simpler ! the new propeller compared to the old one fits nicely