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Refit 3: Vilamoura (part 1)

Date: 1-23/9 2010
(all pictures are clickable)

This is where the biggest part of the refit happens... While analysing the boat, I've encountered good and less good things. But first things first...

My journey to Portugal...

On one side of the boat, the sunset, and on the other the moonrise !

A "spooky" vision of Gibraltar Passing south of it (notice the lighthouse, the mosque and the 'profile' of the rock) An odd looking (bulldog) boat...

In Vilamoura, both masts were unstepped (taking off the boat) and the boat went to the yard (on the dry). Some of the pictures show that I was absolutely right not to use the sails on my journey to Portugal !
An example of how NOT to setup the mizzen mast (aft one) The main mast being taken away Notice the screws on the left... (baby stay) First level of spreaders on main mast...

The main mast top (no pb here), and the bolt holding it in it's place... One of the 2 (very nice) reels of the halyards (used to hoist the sails) on the main mast, and their (not so good anymore) axe (!!!) The bolt (it was like that in the mizzen mast !) holding the side stays...

Most of the issues are easily repairable, but it sure is clear that this boat was in an urgent need for refit !!!! On the bright side of things, the sails, although not good for racing, still OK, and we (the sailmaker and I) discovered 3 sails, in relatively good shape, of 1966 and even 1964 !!! The other good news is that the mizzenmast, which I thought should be replaced, is still OK. The mast was 'just' badly set up... There is some (if not a lot of) work to be done, but it sure will be cheaper than making a new mast...

The (broken) generator was thrown away... It supposely had run only 80h !!!
It was also very poorly placed (here without cover top) Some sea water made it through the cover
and the through-hull openings (cooling water inlet and exhaust) were closed.
first cleaned then a cork was placed (wood and fiber charged resin) the outside was fiberglassed and finished with gelcoat.

The boat on the yard (before I put a cover on her). Isn't she beautiful ???

The main mast was stripped of it's rigging. The mizzen mast was nearly entirely stripped. Sofie spent quite some time of her 4 days holiday, removing the varnish...
the mast as it was (laying next to the boat) with (the old) varnish during varnish removal After the job (stripping and varnish removal)...

Next we must fill in the small cracks and repair other damages. Then I will sand the mast and the varnish job can begin !

I started to perform the deck recaulking. The 'caulk' is the joint that makes the deck watertight. With age (and some imperfections in the job), the deck looses this being watertight, and water (rain and seawater) comes inside the boat. I first performed a test on a cover, as I never did this job before.
Originally After removing the seams Taping (not sure it's necessary) off, putting a primer and putting a small tape at the bottom of the seam.
Applying the Sikaflex and removing the tape After scraping the excess of Sikaflex
What remains to be done now, is sanding the whole panel... (see next picture for result)

The local carpenter repaired and reinforced the 2 hatches in the cockpit.

Being tired of waiting for a 'professional' to respond to my demand to have a (full) cover over my boat (to protect from the rain and to keep the sun away from the fresh Sikaflex), I thought of a tent system so I could continue working. After 2 unsuccesfull attemps (too windy and being alone), Jo kindly helped me. Thanks !

There were also jobs done on the fridge and on a new gas locker, but that will be for the next time, as by then all these items will be finished.