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Refit 5: Vilamoura (part 3)

Date: 7/12/2010 - 30/03/2011
(all pictures are clickable)

The last update of the jobs done here in Portugal...

First the aft deck... The carpenters discovered that several supporting beams (and other parts) of the aft deck, and the transom, were wet (even after several months under a protective tent) or rotten. Even worse, they discovered living worms in these parts !!! Luckily for the boat, these 'animals' remained in the wet part...

So they took many parts of the aft deck off...

And the slow process of rebuilding the aft deck started...They (actually it was most of time just one guy that did the job) did a marvelous job !

At the same time, the cockpit bottom was taken care of... First the inox plate was removed.

and we found, what we already knew, a half rotten plywood and several rotten support beams... The support for the daytank was also loose.

So here too, everything was removed, cleaned and rebuild. We took also the opportunity to clean the daytank.

And we installed a new cockpit bottom in teak. I wanted to get back to the original state of the boat as possible...

We discovered relatively late, that the beam supporting the main sheet (it serves to control the main sail, for those who are not used to the sailing terms), and some of it's support, had rot too...

So a new one was made and repairs made where needed. It took more time than initialy planned as there was more damage than thought... Here you see the new beam and the old one (which seems OK here...)

Were also done: refitted instruments corner inside, finishing the seams on the deck, a LOT of varnishing (first sanded the old varnish off till the wood, then revarnishing) and some repairs on the firberglass layer on the hull !

Then came the day we removed the 'tent' ! The boat was seeing daylight again. :-) The launching time was approaching...

Around that time, the co-owner of the boat Sofie and my friend Frederik arrived to give me a hand. They were there when the mizzen mast was stepped up. First we removed the remaining supporting beams of the tent.

Sofie then mainly worked on varnishing and applying the anti-fouling paint and Frederik helped her with the varnishing, helped me preparing the main mast and started to polish the hull.

And we had fun !

Could you have guessed Frederik is a good cook ? :-)

Finally we were ready to get launched in the water. I've spent about 7 months on the yard !

Once in the water we've stepped the main mast back up !

The days after, the rigging was completely set up (finishing touch) and we fitted the sails back on. A sea trial revealed that most things were fine and that the boat sailed well. We were ready for the journey to Oostende !

Here are some pictures of the "finished" boat...

Sofie and I still have to put several layers of varnish on some parts of the boat (outside) and do a refit of the interior (though less work than the exterior). We are proud of our boat ! :-)

And to finish these webpages about the major refit the boat had in Vilamoura (Portugal), Sofie and I would like to express our gratitude to several persons (the most important ones) for the lovely job they did on the boat and for their will to help and assist us !